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Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid App

Financial Aid Guidelines

In order to qualify for financial aid:

  • The animal must need immediate veterinary care for a life-threatening injury or illness.
  • The animal’s guardian (you) must be a New York State resident.
  • You must apply for both of the following if the treating veterinarian accepts them:
    • * If you are denied by these programs, then apply for Scratch Pay if the treating veterinarian accepts it.
    • * Qualifying for any of these programs does not disqualify you from receiving financial aid from us.
  • One or more of the following must apply:
    • You receive:
      • Medicare or New York State Medicaid
      • Unemployment or had been receiving unemployment that is now expired
      • Social security as your only income
      • Income from a public assistance program
    • You are:
      • Mentally challenged, physically challenged, disabled, or a senior citizen
      • A 501(C)(3) rescue group

Funds are never allocated directly to the animal's guardian. They are always sent directly to the treating veterinarian.

Each case is handled on an individual basis.

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