Joey is Dr. Loudon’s newest addition to her family. Joey presented to Dr. Loudon on August 11th,2012 after he was found at the side of the road in a closed black garbage bag. He had obviously been thrown from a moving car. He was approximately 4 months old at the time. He was in a state of severe shock, suffered three cervical vertebral fractures, had multiple infected bite wounds under his neck and multiple wounds on his back. He was also paralyzed in all four limbs. Joey’s chances of surviving were slim and the chances of him ever walking again were even slimmer. While crying in severe pain Joey still managed to wag his tail at his doctor. This was his signal that he wanted to live. Despite all odds this little puppy survived and is now a happy, healthy puppy. And my son John’s new best friend. His story is truly inspiring and is the perfect example of how every animal deserves a chance to fight for their lives.

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