Dr. Lynda Loudon is a veterinarian and the medical director of Nassau-Suffolk Animal Hospital in Farmingdale, Long Island. Dr. Loudon’s professional interests include emergency medicine, nutrition, pain management and holistic medicine.  Dr. Loudon is passionate about pet education and helping animal guardians take great care of their pets.

Aside from her job as Medical Director, Dr. Loudon has always had a passion for helping injured or sick stray animals. She has personally rescued and treated more than 200 injured stray dogs and cats in the past 10 years. She has also fostered and rehabilitated many of these animals until they were ready to be adopted. Dr. Loudon has dedicated a large amount of time volunteering for local shelters and rescue groups.

Dr. Loudon has been the primary veterinarian to large profile abuse cases such as Maximus, the pit bull set on fire by his owner in 2007 and Joey, the pit bull thrown from a moving car in 2012.

Dr. Loudon’s favorite activities include running, hiking, yoga, and spending as much time at the beach as possible . She lives on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband Tim (also a veterinarian), their 3 year old son John, their three dogs (Brody, Meg and Joey) and one cat (Tristan).