About: Dr. Lynda Loudon, Founder

Dr. Lynda Loudon, Founder of Healing Haven Animal Foundation

Dr. Loudon is an accomplished emergency veterinarian with 17 years of experience in her field.  Dr. Loudon’s professional interests include emergency medicine and critical care, nutrition, pain management and holistic medicine.

As an emergency veterinarian, Dr. Loudon was too often confronted with situations where animals in need of care could not receive treatment due to lack of finances. She could no longer allow this to be a factor in her patients’ care and therefore founded Healing Haven Animal Foundation. Dr. Loudon has always had a passion for helping injured or sick stray animals. She has dedicated a large amount of her time volunteering for local shelters and rescue groups.

In addition to her work helping stray animals, Dr. Loudon has been the primary veterinarian to large-profile abuse cases. Some cases include, Maximus the pit bull who was set on fire by his owner in 2007, and Joey the pit bull who had been thrown from a moving car in 2012.

Dr. Loudon’s purpose and mission is to build a facility where animals will get the veterinary care that they deserve despite finances. Healing Haven will provide animals with a safe haven to live and recover, and will in turn allow the love from animals to help people heal and grow. This is the direction that Healing Haven Animal Foundation is heading.