Bruno the French Bulldog

Since the day Bruno came into his owner’s life, he has been such an important part of it. Beyond being an amazing pet and member of the family, Bruno has always been by his owner’s side throughout her journey as a devoted animal rescuer. Because of his gentle and caring nature, he assumes the role of a kind of big brother to the many animals his owner takes in. He plays with them, protects them, and in some cases, helps with the house training. Rabbits, birds, dogs, or cats–it’s all the same to Bruno as he helps his fur mom nurture and prepare these animals for their forever homes. In addition to being a great animal rescue partner, Bruno also comes along with his owner when she works with special needs children. The kids love him because he has the patience of a saint and is always gentle when interacting with them.

Until recently, Bruno was an active and healthy dog who was doing what he loved everyday, but a problem seemed to be developing that was hindering Bruno’s mobility. It was soon discovered that he was suffering from a condition known as intervertebral disc disease. This eventually caused his rear limbs to become paralyzed. Unbeknownst to his owner, intervertebral disc disease is a common issue with certain small breeds such as French Bulldogs. Now, Bruno was the one who needed help. Immediate surgery was required to prevent further deterioration of his spine. His owner contacted Healing Haven AF, desperate for help to save her first baby, her best friend, her everything.

We are happy to say that, with our help, Bruno was able to have the surgery. The doctors feel optimistic about his progress, but it is still too early to tell how much of a recovery he will make. His owner remains entirely focused on helping him to recuperate and hopefully walk again. She is, however, prepared for whatever scenario lies ahead for Bruno. One thing is certain–this little dog that has given so much to so many, has been given a much deserved chance to continue to brighten the lives of the animals and people around him.

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