Cosmo Schwartz the Cat

Cosmo is a very special 18 year old kitty that is truly loved by his guardian, Mrs. Schwartz.  She describes him as a funny guy with loads of personality. His guardian is disabled and suffers from multiple health issues. In many ways, Cosmo is a therapy cat for her. He provides companionship,  joy, and purpose on a daily basis. He and Mrs. Schwartz are the very best of friends.

Cosmo has developed a few different illnesses common to geriatric kitties such as chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism and mild heart disease. Treatment of all three requires monthly check-ups with his doctor and expensive medications. Unfortunately, Mrs. Schwartz could not afford all that was required to treat Cosmo and keep her friend around as long as possible. That is when Mrs. Schwartz reached out to Healing Haven AF for help. We were able to fund Cosmo’s echocardiogram to evaluate his heart and we have also committed to providing $100 per month to cover his monthly check-ups and treatments.

Cosmo is a beautiful example of our commitment to helping animals and the people who love them. Mrs. Schwartz can now concentrate on her own health knowing that Cosmo will be taken care of.

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