Ella Grace – Bull Terrier – Hit By Car

Please see follow-up story on Ella Grace: Ella Grace Update

Ella was a 5 month old Staffordshire bull terrier mix that came to the ER clinic after being hit by a car. Sadly, her back was broken resulting in rear limb paralysis. Her owners had elected euthanasia, however, Healing Haven Animal Foundation stepped in and offered to give her a chance.

With much care from the staff at the animal hospital Ella overcame her initial injuries and grew stronger everyday. She returned to being the joyful, sweet puppy she was prior to her accident. Once she was healed it was time to find her the perfect home.  This, I thought, would be a very difficult task considering Ella’s special needs.  However, it turned out to be the easiest part of Ella’s journey. Thanks to Dori Scofield at Save A Pet in Port Jefferson I was put in touch with a beautiful couple from Pennsylvania. They had seen Ella’s story on Facebook and were interested in adopting her. We had several conversations to be sure that they understood the commitment they would be making to a special needs dog. I knew immediately that this was meant to be Ella’s forever family.

We met half way in Easton Pennsylvania on a snowy, cold day. When Ella met her new guardians she melted in their arms as if she had known them her whole life. We allowed her to run around in her cart for a while as we spoke about the care she would need. I immediately felt connected to them and instinctively knew it was meant to be. And so did Ella. As they loaded her in the car I offered a blanket that they could put down in the back for her. Her new mom replied, “No thank-you, she’ll be on my lap”. That was it. Ella, now Ella Grace, was where she belonged.

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