Getting Hit By a Car Saved His Life

Darby - After Treatment

Darby is a five-year-old beagle/dachshund mix that was brought to an emergency hospital after being hit by a car. The day before, Darby’s primary veterinarian had diagnosed him with a foreign body in his stomach. Instead of pursuing surgery, Darby’s owners decided that they were going to euthanize him the next day. On the day he was to be put to sleep by his vet, Darby was hit by a car. This, as it turns out, was a lucky thing for him.


Unfortunately, Darby’s owners couldn’t pay for his treatment after the accident and were going to go ahead with their original plan to euthanize him. One of the doctors mentioned Healing Haven Animal Fund as an option and so, after giving it some thought, Darby’s owners signed him over to us.

Darby was treated for shock with IV fluids and pain medications and was placed on antibiotics for the wounds he sustained. Once stable, the large laceration on his face was sutured closed. X-rays revealed a fracture of his face around his left eye. The left eye had also been pushed slightly out of the socket by the force of the car’s impact. With time and pain management, the laceration and fracture should heal just fine, but he may not regain vision in his left eye. Luckily, x-rays did not reveal a foreign body in his stomach, so surgery does not appear to be necessary.

The Next Step

Darby is looking for his forever home, a place where he will always be cared for no matter what and where his guardians will love him as he will love them—unconditionally. Darby has been through a tough time and now it is time for him to find the home he so deserves. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Darby, please contact us here: Healing Haven AF Adoption Inquiry. Darby has been adopted.

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