Grace the Calico Cat with Head Trauma Clings to Life

Grace is a beautiful calico cat that was hit by a car and suffered severe head and face injuries. She was initially blind and deaf following the trauma. Her face was severely swollen and distorted. She was a stray so there was no one to pay for her life saving treatment.

Healing Haven stepped in and took care of Grace. She was treated with Mannitol and IV fluids for her brain injury and was put on pain medications for several weeks. After just one week in the hospital, her swollen, distorted face had returned to normal and her ear and eye injuries healed. Grace had fully regained her eyesight and hearing.

All of us at Healing Haven believe every animal deserves a chance, even when they do not have an owner that loves them – that can always come later, and one did. Grace has been adopted by a loving family.

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