Legos the Kitten – Multiple Surgeries


A Good Samaritan brought Legos to the Selden emergency hospital. She was just 8 weeks old and had a mangled back leg and severe wounds to her abdomen. She was in shock and in very critical condition. The emergency staff administered fluids, antibiotics and pain medications in order to try to save her life. Legos surprised everyone with her tenacity and strength for such a little frail kitten. Once she was more stable she was taken to surgery to have her mangled, infected limb amputated and to close the wounds on her abdomen. The damage to her abdominal muscles and skin was more severe than previously thought. A large amount of skin had to be removed and muscles sutured back together. Although she came through the surgery better than expected, a couple of days later the surgical site was infected. Despite being under the best care, the infection she had had prior to the surgery was still present; Legos was declining fast. A choice had to be made to either attempt another surgery on this frail little kitten or put her to sleep. She had already proven to us that she was a fighter. Of course we gave her the chance that she deserved!

The second surgery took even more of her skin from the right side of her body. She survived the surgery and so we had to wait and see if the infected skin had successfully been removed and if the skin that was left was going to be able to heal. She remained on strong antibiotics and pain medications for another 2 weeks. I had to leave for a conference for a few days and when I returned, the healing that had occurred was nothing short of miraculous! Legos healed beautifully and was hopping around the cage like a kitten for the first time.

Today, Legos lives with her forever family who is one of the receptionists from the animal hospital. Legos has never looked back since that second surgery and lives every day with zest and vigor. We are so glad that we never gave up on this strong little kitten.

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