Mallie – A Loving American Eskimo

Mallie the American Eskimo

Mallie, a 6-year-old American Eskimo, is an important part of his family. His guardian had recently fallen on hard times. Within one year, she lost her husband and her job. Not a day would go by that she didn’t rely on this loving, loyal dog to help boost her spirit. But, unfortunately, Mallie’s guardian was to be dealt yet another blow.

Mallie’s health began to decline and he soon became seriously ill. He was diagnosed with anemia and was prescribed various medications, none of which seemed to work. More tests revealed a tumor in Mallie’s stomach that had been bleeding. One visit to a specialist and an expensive diagnosis put Mallie’s guardian into serious economic distress. Mallie needed life-saving surgery that his guardian could not afford. Healing Haven stepped in and was able to fund the surgery. We are happy to report that he is back home with his guardian, continuing to be her rock and keeping her spirits up.

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