Sandy the Puggle – Foreign Body

Sandy is a sweet, nine year old puggle. She was seen by her veterinarian for vomiting and lethargy. Xrays revealed that there was an intestinal blockage. Without surgery Sandy would not survive. Unfortunately, her owners were not in a place at the time to pay for the life saving surgery. Healing Haven was alerted to Sandy’s dire situation and was able to provide the finances necessary.

A yellow piece of plastic was found to be blocking her intestine. The surgery was a success and Sandy came through it with flying colors. She is now fully recovered and has had the opportunity to continue living her beautiful life. Her family is so grateful to have Sandy home where she belongs.

Note From Sandy’s Family

I just want to thank you again for the help you gave Sandy. Sandy is a puggle, and she is nine years old. Sandy is back to her old self and enjoying being at home. Dr. Greco found some yellow plastic inside her intestines. We could not figure out what it could be from. There was no trace of anything yellow around that we could find. Thank you.

Ginny Spinosa

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